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 Staff List

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PostSubject: Staff List   Sun Oct 31, 2010 5:45 am

Gorilla "The Big Boss"- Owner - Gorilla@gorillawow.co.cc

Legend- Administrator - Legend@gorillawow.co.cc

Josh- Admin - Josh@gorillawow.co.cc

Kevin- Staff Trainer - morgana@gorillawow.co.cc

Angel- Head GM- Angel@gorillawow.co.cc

Logan- Head GM- Logan@gorillawow.co.cc

AndWoW- GM - N/A

Glenn- Trial GM - HeadGM Logan

Aquilian- Trial GM - HeadGM Logan

Moyo- Trial GM - HeadGM Kevin

Realm- Trial GM - HeadGM Logan

Dean- Trial GM- HeadGM Angel

Keranis - Trial GM- HeadGM Angel

Zomgx - Trial GM- HeadGM Angel

Zealot - Trial GM - HeadGM Kevin

Frontline - Trial GM - HeadGM Logan

Lokota - Trial GM - HeadGM Logan

Dillon - Trial GM - HeadGM Kevin
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Staff List
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