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 GM Abuse - Who to report it to.

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PostSubject: GM Abuse - Who to report it to.   Sun Oct 31, 2010 9:47 am

Hello Guys and Gals,

We here at GorillaWoW do our best to screen GM`s. However some times you just can never tell. So if you find your self being abused by a GameMaster. Here are the steps to take.

First: Make sure you get a screen shot. To do this just click on print screen on your key board. (The screen shot will be in your World of Warcraft folder. Under ScreenShots.)

Second: Send detailed email to Josh@Gorillawow.co.cc Please include a detailed message about everything that has happen. Don`t forget to send the screen shots. This will allow me to have proof.

So what happens after you send me this email?

The email will go right to my phone. So no matter where I am I will get the email right away.

Next I will pull the GM into ventrilo. To find out His/Her side of the story.

After reviewing everything with the GameMaster and The player sending the report.

I will then take action.

Please Note: We hope this will never happen. We hope that we screen out the power hungry and ban happy Gm`s. But there is always a chance this can happen. These steps are to keep you the players safe. We want you to have a great time on our server.

Email: Josh@gorillawow.co.cc
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GM Abuse - Who to report it to.
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