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 Noachos-Removed from staff and Baned.

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PostSubject: Noachos-Removed from staff and Baned.    Sun Oct 31, 2010 4:41 pm

Tonight I had to remove Nachos from the staff. A player sent me a email. That happen to come right to my blackberry. Witch happen to show Nachos abusing his Game Master powers on a player. I talked to him on Ventrilo. Where I was giving him a warning. He told me he has been "Playing Gm" Longer then I have so he really don`t care what I have to say. Then closed the private chat. I tried to open another private chat. But he kept closing them. So I kicked him on ventrilo. Then he logged on ventrilo and kicked me. So I just removed him from the staff. His actions tonight where way out of line. He has also been banned from the sever via Account an Ip. Also he was baned from ventrilo. He was placing some bad things about the server in his ventrilo comments.

A email with the screen shots the player sent me have been forward to the Owner, Admins and Head Gm.
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Noachos-Removed from staff and Baned.
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